Dragon LNG is currently experiencing Flow Capacity restrictions

Message ID: DLNG19_003
Event Status: Inactive
Type of Unavailability: Unplanned
Type Of Event: Plant now available for Send Out
Publication Date and Time: 2024/01/29T00:25:24
Event Start: 2024/01/26T11:00:00
Event Stop: 2024/01/29T00:01:00
Unit of Measurement GWH
Unavailable Capacity
Available Capacity 252
Technical Capacity 252.0
Reason For The Unavailability


Remarks See National Grid instantaneous flows for impact
Balancing Zone 21W000000000098H
Affected Asset or Unit Dragon LNG
Affected Asset Or Unit EIC Code 21W000000000098H
Market Participant Shell & PETCO
Market Participant Code A00176187.NL, A0017613H.NL