Dragon LNG is currently experiencing Flow Capacity restrictions

Message ID: DLNG6_002
Event Status: Active
Type of Unavailability: Planned
Type Of Event: plant unavailability
Publication Date and Time: 2016/11/02T16:33:41
Event Start: 2016/11/02T08:00:00
Event Stop: 2016/11/03T12:00:00
Unit of Measurement GWH
Unavailable Capacity 252
Available Capacity 0
Technical Capacity 252
Reason For The Unavailability On-going Maintenance
Remarks See National Grid instantaneous flows for impact
Balancing Zone 21W000000000098H
Affected Asset or Unit Dragon LNG
Affected Asset Or Unit EIC Code 21W000000000098H
Market Participant DLNG, Shell & Petronas
Market Participant Code A0004887Y.UK, A0000430T.UK, A0000873B.UK